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Game projects

Galaxy Express 1

This is Galaxy Express 1, my first game project at The Game Assembly as a technical artist. 


  • Pipeline development
  • Rigging for cutscenes
  • shaders for cutscenes
  • Skybox and cubemap setup for hand-painted textures (Substance painter, Arnold in Maya, Lys)

The biggest chalange in this project was to set up an pipeline we all could work with from scratch. Since we didnt have a level editor me and Tobias decided to use Maya to export data that we later could use in our inhouse engine. I wrote a script so the artists could assign materals to their meshes. You can find more info about the pipeline development on Tobias portfolio.

Since i at this point wasn't to familiar with scripting and wanted to work more with the cinematics and art, i did the rigging of our characters and some shaders the animators could animate in unreal throught the animation sequences and helped the art-team with Substance Painter setups.

The Team:

Art: Fredrik Appelholm | Kevin Alonso | Kushtrim Brihimi | Amanda Fröjdö

Programming: Emil Axelsson | Måns Andersen | Pyrola Lindåker | Jonas Nolér

Level Design: Amanda Gardfors Granberg | Rikard Carlsson

Animation: Anton Jonsson | Alexander Kornemalm | Jakob Svensson

Technical Art: Tobias Wahlberg | Me


This was a project that was referenced from Diablo 3. My main focus was rigging and make the world feel more alive.


  • Rigging most of the characters
  • The fog shader and various textures used for other shaders and effects
  • Pipeline maintenance
  • Ambient lighting


This project was our fps game which had a main focus of being around 200 meters long.


  • FPS-arm rigging
  • Weapon rigging
  • Ambient lighting
  • Pipeline maintenance